Thursday, 28 June 2018

Already available the manual of ReYion!

This manual is the final output developed and obtained during the 19-month cooperation of all the project partners with the support of the young people and youth entities located on the rural areas on which the project materials were tested. It contains pedagogical milestones for those professionals on the youth sector who could aim to replicate them within their organisations and communities. This material will be available in all the project languages (Czech, English, Italian, Greek, Slovenian and Spanish) and can be downloaded from this website (that also includes a compendium of all the youth initiatives developed by the beneficiaries of ReYion during the, implementation of its programme). Click her to access to the online and downloadable version of this product.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Implemented the last transnational meeting of ReYion in Italy

The town of Cori hosted from the 18/04/2018 to the 21/04/2018 representatives of the 5 partner organisations of ReYion in order evaluate the project and organize the last activities to carried out before its end. 

The five partner organisatios of ReYion met together in order to make a final evaluation of the learning materials created during the project. To collect the feedback necessary for this evaluation, partner entities carried out during the last months different workshops with young people to measure the quality of the training units created to create, manage and professionalize the youth third sector in rural areas. Besides taking decisions for the final edition and design of the project materials, the meeting was used to agree the programme of the project multiplier events that will take place on each country. These activities open to the public will make possible to those interested on ReYion results to get to know the outputs created, discover how to use them and contribute to promote youth initiatives and organisations on rural areas. You can follow the project activities thanks to this online site and its Facebook page.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Cori will host the last transnational meeting of ReYion

The Italian city of Cori will host from the 18/04/2018 to the 20/04/2018 representatives of all the partners of ReYion to implement its last transnational coordination meeting. 

The meeting will be used to evaluate the project last stages and the local workshops done in all the project countries to test the materials created by the project to promote youth initiatives and youth associations. The meeting will be also focused on designing the five multiplier events that will be carried out on the last stage of ReYion to present its results and materials in all the project countries. During these events, local stakeholders, policy makers, youth entities, public administrations and NGOs will be invited to get to know more about the project materials and their content while being trained on their use. They will participate on round tables, simulations, lectures, dynamics and presentations that will discover them the potential of the project results and outputs on youth education and training.  Follow us on Facebook or visit this site to get to know more about these activities and how to participate on them.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Follow the local workshops of ReYion in Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Spain!

The local workshops of ReYion for young people have already started in the project five partner countries! if you want to see the pictures about them, check our Instagram profile.

You can also contact the partner organisations of the project if you want to join these activities.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

The training course for facilitators has finished successfully

The transnational training course took place in Slovenia from the 14/10/2017 to the 20/10/2017 with ten representatives from all the partners organisations. The aim of this training course was to test the the intelectual outputs created until the moment and also train those responsible of the future local workshops of the project. This activity will allow to implement the following stages of the project in a better way as it made possible to prepare the professional in charge of the next project activities. You can see the program of this activity here.


Monday, 9 October 2017

ReYion will implement its transnational training course for trainers in Slovenia

The Slovenian city of Celje will host from the 14/10/2017 to the 20/10/2017 a training course for the staff of the project and based on the learning materials created by its partner organisations.

13 youth workers from Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Spain will meet together in order to work during one week with all the learning materials developed on the previous stages of the project. The course, designed during the last transnational meeting of ReYion in Prague, will allow to the staff of its partner entities to discover how to use the first draft of the project main product: a manual to support young people on the creation, management and professionalisation of the youth third sector in rural areas. Attendees will learn about how to use this output, how to transfer it to the youth of their areas and how to use its exercises. They will be also trained to implement the local workshops for young people that the project aim to carry out on each country within the next months to test the quality of the exercises and content proposed on the manual. This will allow to obtain a reliable feedback about the manual from its direct users and include on it potential improvements before its final edition.

You can join the Facebook page of ReYion in order to follow this training course and the other activities related to the project.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Second transnational meeting of ReYion

Representatives from the 5 partner organisations have met from the 17/09/2017 to the 20/09/2017 in Czech Republic in order to work together on the coordination of this project funded under the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.

The city of Prague have hosted all the team of this project and especially those who have worked on the last months on the creation of different learning materials focused on supporting young people on the creation, management and professionalisation of the youth third sector in rural areas. Besides monitoring the project and improving the mentioned outputs, the meeting has been also used to design the programme of a transnational training course for facilitators that the project will implement from the 14/10/2017 to the 20/10/2017 in Slovenia. Its aim will be to provide to 11 youth workers the knowledge and skills needed to use the learning materials that the project partners will create and how to test them at local level with the youth of the 5 project countries. You can follow the project activities thanks to this online site or liking our Facebook page.