Monday, 16 April 2018

Cori will host the last transnational meeting of ReYion

The Italian city of Cori will host from the 18/04/2018 to the 20/04/2018 representatives of all the partners of ReYion to implement its last transnational coordination meeting. 

The meeting will be used to evaluate the project last stages and the local workshops done in all the project countries to test the materials created by the project to promote youth initiatives and youth associations. The meeting will be also focused on designing the five multiplier events that will be carried out on the last stage of ReYion to present its results and materials in all the project countries. During these events, local stakeholders, policy makers, youth entities, public administrations and NGOs will be invited to get to know more about the project materials and their content while being trained on their use. They will participate on round tables, simulations, lectures, dynamics and presentations that will discover them the potential of the project results and outputs on youth education and training.  Follow us on Facebook or visit this site to get to know more about these activities and how to participate on them.