"ReYion: Rural Empowerment through Youth Initiatives and Organisations Networking" is a 19-month partnership at international level funded under the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission and within its branch for the development of strategic partnerships on the youth field. Coordinated by Bitartean Jolasean (Spain) with the support of four transnational partners (KOMUNIKUJEME O.P.S. (Czech Republic), European Institute for local development (Greece), Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale (Italy) and Zavod Mladinska Mreza MaMa (Slovenia)), the main of this initiative is to join together organisations from different countries but working on the development of youth services in rural areas and promote their work together to create new learning materials and exchange of good practices related to the training of young people on the associative field and the implementation of youth initiatives. To achieve this, partner organisations will design and develop in a cooperative way different intellectual outputs and workshops with the objective of providing concrete competences to young people to create their own organisations, working within networks involving different social stakeholders and promote the inclusion and participation of youth on rural areas with a lack of services or opportunities for them. The materials and training sessions to be created will deal with topics such as creation and registration of youth entities; management of youth and volunteering projects in rural areas; funding management for youth entities and youth projects justification; promotion of youth participation; networking; European funding for youth projects; etc.. Even if these workshops will be especially focused on training young people on rural areas and the cooperation among youth groups through networks on small regions, these materials will be suitable for any kind of young person who aims to acquire horizontal skills for the creation of his/her own association or initiatives to promote the participation of young people on areas that demand a social development. The training outputs obtained, will also contain pedagogical milestones for those professionals on the youth sector who could aim to replicate them within their organisations and communities. All the results of the project will be also uploaded and available in a free way through the website to be created for the project, that,will also include a compendium of all the youth groups or initiatives to be developed by the project beneficiaries during the, implementation of its programme. Furthermore, in order to facilitate the transnationality of these materials and its use within different communities or with different users, all of them will include a mixture of non formal and informal methodologies that could promote the learning process of young people by interactive exercises to ensure their acquisition of concepts and reinforcement of competences. To make all possible, a complete programme of work has been designed for the project and including researches on the needs of the target group of the project, cooperative development of materials, testing activities to improve the project results, training workshops for the users of the project, transnational initiatives for the coordination and education of the professionals coordinating the partnership and multiplier events in order to open all the results achieved to any kind of beneficiary or stakeholder who could be interesting on discovering the intellectual outputs of ReYion or cooperating with its target group or partners.

Project calendar and coming activities (some dates are still pending of confirmation).

- A1 Preparation of the project materials (02/01/2017 to 01/03/2017): web, work structure, programme, image, contacts, visibility, budget, etc. 

- O1/A1 Preparation of the intellectual outputs of the project (01/03/2017 to 01/05/2017): Research about curricular competences that the project results should cover in all the project countries. 

- M1 First transnational meeting of the project in Spain (02/05/2017 to 05/05/2017): To share the results of the O1/A1, talk about the administration of the project, distribute tasks and duties among partners and set the dates for the M2 and C1. 

- O1/A2 Creation of the first draft of the project manual (06/05/2017 to 20/09/2017): Creation of the project intellectual outputs about youth organisations creation and management of youth initiatives.

- M2 Second transnational meeting in Czech Republic (17/09/2017 to 20/09/2017): To share the intellectual outputs created during the O1/A2, improve them and design the programme for the C1. 

- C1 Transnational training course for facilitators in Slovenia (14/10/2017 to 20/10/2017): For those who will run the local workshops and activities during the next stages of the project (O1/A3, O1/A4 and O1/A5).

- O1/A3 Interviews to local youth (November to December 2017): in order to inform potential participants for the local workshops (O1/A4) on each partner country and study their needs on the project field. 

- O1/A4 Local workshops to test the intellectual outputs of the project (December 2017 to March 2018): To get feedback about the project materials by youth. Young people from 16 to 30 years old living on the areas and countries on which the project will take place will be able to attend these workshops focused on the design of youth initiatives and youth entities building in rural areas.

- O1/A5 Youth support service and meetings for those young people taking part on the local workshops (March to April 2018): In order to help them to make real their initiatives and ideas. 

- M3 Third transnational meeting in Italy (18/04/2018 to 21/04/2018): To share the results of the local workshops (O1/A3, O1/A4 and O1/A5), set the tasks for the next stage (O1/A6) and design the multiplier events of the project (E1, E2, E3, E4 and E5). 

- O1/A6 Improvement of the intellectual outputs of the project (April to May 2018): Final edition and translation of materials. 

- E1, E2, E3, E4 and E5 Multiplier events on each partner country (June to July 2018): Open events to share the project results with youth entities, local stakeholders or policy makers who could be interested on learning about the project materials and its use.

- A2 Final justification of the project (July 2018): results collection, visibility, economic reports, etc. and end of the project.